The Digital Diva Services


Understanding your company will help us better to design or work with your existing brand. Before we commence in any work with clients we generally require at least one meeting in order to gather information that will pave a path forward in working towards a new design. Our goal with our design services are to either build a new brand and presence for your company or work within your exiting guidelines to meet design criteria. As a company we focus on adhering to solid principles and a code of conduct to help ensure that we’re always on the right path.


From initial layouts and creative concepts to the development and implementation of layouts that may require sophisticated interaction our team of talented programmers can get the job done. In general we try to find the best fit for technologies we chose to use and implement for our clients strictly based on the scope of the project, functionality, future growth and marketing requirements. It is always our goal and something we strive for to ensure that we develop a quality product that will stand the test of time and growth of a company.


This is an area we take great pride in catering to. Ensuring that your project functions as it should across a full spectrum of devices will mean that you’re users are being served as best as they can be. As such we do our best to make sure projects we work on are error free and function as they’re meant to. If they don’t we go back and fix issues that may be the cause.


Our marketing capabilities here at The Digital Diva are full service. Ranging from SEM services (with a focus on SEO and PPC), media buys, e-mail marketing, social marketing, widget development and deployment, PR and publicity stunts, A/B split testing and analytics. Because we offer a comprehensive range of services and are very passionate about marketing we can employ cost effective and rewarding marketing strategies that can help maximize the bottom line of our clients.


We would like to think that our job is never done when working with clients as the internet is so dynamic it requires a firm handle on growing with it. As such and because we love our clients so much we offer support services and ongoing maintenance support. We’re available 24/7 to ensure that we can assist in the worst of times if any issues should ever arise.